Day 156

This morning, I got up early and ran some errands. By 10, I was back at the house working on my Halloween costume and getting ready to go to Jackson. Mom took me on one last lunch run before I went to see my friends. We’ve been planning a visit for a while. I got to Jackson right at 3, and I met up with Priv and Rachel. We hung out for a few hours and caught up! Then, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Afterwards, they wanted to take me to a place called Dodge’s. I figured it was a new ice cream place, but it was even better…they had ICEES!!! We went back to Rachel’s dorm for a bit before I left to come back home, and we managed to get a great picture of the three of us! 

Tomorrow is the end of my vacation, and I have to get back to the real world, so now is the best time for me to officially announce my news. This will be my final blog post. I will not be returning to Disney. Instead, I’ll be moving to Franklin to work for a bit. Some really great people have invited me into their home to help with their children while I look for a job. I’m really excited about this new chapter in my life! I miss my Disney friends more than anything right now, but I know there are great things in store for me in Franklin. That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

xo, B


Day 155

I had a pretty early start today. I went to breakfast with Gran and Grandad, which was great as always! After breakfast, I ran by the DMV, had my oil changed, and got new insurance. I was VERY grown up today! Mom took me out for lunch afterwards. After Em got out of school, we went to the library so she could work on a project, and then we rewarded ourselves with some Winnie time! Once mom came home, we pretty much just got everything ready for tomorrow. Emily has a lot of stuff going on. She’s in band, takes piano lessons, and is also on the tennis team, so there isn’t a ton of time to get everything done. I chatted with Jenny a bit too before settling down for the night. That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: Tigers don’t mate for life. They may have several different mates in their lifespan.

xo, B

Day 154

I didn’t have too busy of a day today, which was great! Mom, Em, and I we’re all up early for church. I got to play with the babies, so that was great! Children are really starting to grow on me. After church, Em and I went shopping with Greg. We stopped to see our Papa Joe for a bit too. Mom and I went to the store and got vinyl so I could make a shirt. The woman mom teaches Sunday school with had on the cutest shirt this morning, so I set out to make one! I made one for myself and Gran! Before bed, Emily tried to tire down Winnie, because she was wild. Tomorrow, I’m definitely going out to breakfast. That’s the only item on my agenda, so we’ll see how much I actually do. That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: Some animals in zoos are put on birth control or neutered to keep their numbers manageable. This isn’t to punish the animals or anything like that. Eventually, institutions would run out of space, so to make sure everyone stays comfortable, the number of animals is limited.

xo, B

Day 153

Howdy, everyone! My day started pretty early this morning. Mom and I got ready and went shopping! I ended up with a few new sweaters and some other fun stuff. Mom got her nails done and ordered a new phone, and we ate Chick-fil-a. We got Winnie a little something to wear outside too. After we got home, we went to Snappy’s. When we got home we played with Winnie and watched a little TV. I don’t really have anything planned for tomorrow, but I’m sure something fun will come up!

Fact: Just because an animal is an herbivore doesn’t mean it can’t eat meat. It can, it just can’t break the food down and absorb nutrients from it.

xo, B

Day 152

I planned on sleeping in this morning, but unfortunately, my body was wide awake at 7:30. I got up and played with Winnie a little bit before going to breakfast! After breakfast, I went to see everyone at Big Binder, hung out with Winnie, and watched a movie. Around noon, I went and ran an errand with Grandad and went to lunch with mom.

Before I came home, the only plan I had set in stone was going to a Union City Football game to see the band. It was a little chilly, but worth it. We ended up leaving after halftime. Tomorrow, mom and I are hanging out, so we’ll see what we get into. That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: Blackbuck breed extremely well in captivity!

xo, B

Day 151

My day started pretty early with a trip to Charlie T’s for breakfast! I went with Gran and Grandad! After breakfast, I hung out with Winnie for a little bit before going to McKenzie for a haircut. Gran rode with me and ended up getting a haircut herself! Once we were back in Union City, I picked mom and myself up some sushi for lunch, and I pretty much spent the rest of the day at home playing with Winnie. Mom and I made a cake while Emily was at a tennis lesson. Pretty mundane, but that’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: Green Tree Monitors can eat small insects!

xo, B

Day 150

Hey, everyone! I didn’t have too busy of a day, so that was fabulous! Jenny and I hung out for a bit before we got ready. I hit the road around 11:30 to head to Union City. The drive wasn’t too bad at all! Once I got here, I visited Gran and then went to get mom from work, and after that, we went to see Emily and Winnie at the house. Y’all, I’m obsessed with her! Mom and I dropped Emily off at church and went to Don Sol for dinner. Afterward, we went to pick Emily up. There was some FCA thing going on, so she was just at the football field. We took Winnie with us, and she was wild! When we all got home, mom made me and Emily a cookie log! We just hung out on the couch for a little while before all heading to bed. That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: A White-Cheeked Gibbon’s arm can rotate a total of 360 degrees! They’re great at climbing and swinging!

xo, B