Day 79

*Short post*

Work started at 9, so no sleeping in for me! I made it to every position today except Viewing and Research. I was only in Birds once, and didn’t get pooped on! I got to hang out with the Gorillas for a little while. I got to see my sweet, 3-year-old Cory! It started to sprinkle a little, but we never got fully rained on, so no downtime. Today was my friend Halston’s last day. She was my first ever work friend! She’s planning on coming by the trail tomorrow, and we’re going to eat at the Crystal Palace on Thursday, so I’ll get to see her again, but I’m definitely going to miss her! Past that, nothing too exciting happened today. A lot of people wanted to climb the fence at Savannah and whistle at the Meerkats, but that’s pretty normal. After work, I came home and made dinner. It was so nice to eat dinner before 9! I have an early start tomorrow too, so I’m going to sleep! That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: Grevy’s Zebras are the largest species of Zebra!

xo, B