Day 81

Hello, everyone! I had a long and exciting day, so buckle up, because here it is! I arrived at the Magic Kingdom around 11:15. Halston, Michael, and I went to eat lunch at the Crystal Palace, because we all needed one last time to hang out with Halston before she leaves. It’s a buffet style, Character Meet and Greet restaurant. The food was great, but the characters were greater! We met Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. IMG_3741IMG_3705IMG_3718IMG_3712They were all so silly! After lunch, we decided to walk around the Magic Kingdom. Since I’ve gotten here, I’ve talked about getting an autograph book and getting a signature from each character I meet, but I hadn’t done it yet, so I got a little book with a pen so I can get everyone’s autograph! We made our way around to the back of Cinderella’s Castle where Drizella and Anastasia were hanging out. IMG_3746IMG_3752They were quick to criticize Cinderella for letting mice loose and tearing up my shorts. We ended up watching a very short Festival of Fantasy parade because it started raining, riding Pirates, the Carousel of Progress, and the People Mover. After that, we walked around the park for a little longer and left at around 6. I came back to the apartment and moved my bedroom into another room in our apartment. Now I’m getting ready to go to sleep, because I had a long day today and a long shift tomorrow! That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: A group of Naked Mole Rats is called a colony!

xo, B