Day 149

Since Jenny and I got into Franklin around 2 this morning, I slept in! We ended up having a little car trouble last night, so while my car was being worked on, Jenny and I ran some errands. We both went to the Chiropractor and got adjusted and ate Pho and sushi with Eric. Jenny’s friend Andrea just adopted, so we went over so I could meet the new baby! We ended up visiting with Andrea and her family for a good while, while I held and fed the baby! Now we’re back at the house! I’ll probably be heading to Union City tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have something fun to report on then! That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: Prehensile-Tailed Skinks are ovoviviparous meaning that their eggs hatch in the womb and they give birth to live young!


Day 147 & 148

Hey, guys! Sorry for missing yesterday. I was out late getting some well-needed friend time! Several of my my friends and I went to Halloween Horror Nights! I finally went through the last house I hadn’t been through. I had a lot of fun, and I finally got a picture with a Purger! Today, Jenny came down to be my travel buddy as I make the pilgrimage back to Union City. I’m really excited about getting to visit with my friends and family for a little while! Today is Allie’s birthday too! She’s officially not a teenager anymore! Even if you don’t know her, tell her Happy Birthday, because she’s the best! Love you long time, Buddy! That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: Tiger’s have retractable claws meaning they aren’t always out. The only cat in the world not to have retractable claws is the Cheetah!

xo, B

Day 146

Work didn’t start until 10:45, so I got to sleep in just a little! Work was pretty slow today for the most part. The Macaques weren’t super visible, and I spent most of my time at Overlook, Community Hall, and Canyon 2 with a little time at Greeter. After work, Effie and I met up with Michael and we went out. We watched JoJo play a few songs too. I had the most fun! I’ll hate myself in the morning when I actually have to get up for work, but it’ll be fine. I had a great time! That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: Meerkats are immune to scorpion venom!

Day 145

I was pretty late getting in last night, so I slept in. I didn’t get out of bed until about 11, and that was for breakfast. I talked to mom for a little while before hunkering down in my bed for the day. I ended up watching a few scary movies. I had a late lunch in bed, and didn’t leave again until dinner time. I went to Miller’s Ale House with a few coworkers for dinner! I had never been before, but it was pretty good! After dinner, I talked to Priv and Rachel for a little while. Work doesn’t start until 10:45 tomorrow, so I get to sleep in just a little! That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: Bats can be great for the environment regardless of their diets! Insect-eating bats act as natural pest control, and fruit bats spread seeds and pollinate!

xo, B

Day 144

Hey, everyone! Work started pretty early this morning, so I was out of the house by 7:45! I spent a lot of time tasking throughout the day, but it was all spread out, so it wasn’t a bit deal! I went to every position today too! I was never pooped on in Aviary, and I spent quite a bit of time at Greeter! I ended up closing Community Hall, so I just hung out with the bats for a little while! We’re celebrating Allie’s birthday tonight by going out, so this is going to be my whole post. I’m ready to sleep! That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: The new tiger cubs weigh about 14 pounds right now! They’re still super small for 8 week olds!

xo, B

Day 143

I had a nice early morning today! Work started at 8:45, so I was out of the house by 7:45. I picked up Outpost, so I got to hang out with the Gorillas for the first two rotations! I never made it to Entrance, Rehab, Viewing Blind, or Savannah, but I was in Birds twice. I never got pooped on, so way to go, me! For the most part, work flew by! Before I knew it, it was already my lunch break! I met a lot of Tennessee people today too, so that was nice! After work, I ate dinner, and Allie and I went to Forever! I got a new outfit for tomorrow. I’m heading to bed, because I’ll have a long day tomorrow. That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: Water Buffalos use their horns for protection against predators!

xo, B

Day 142

So I planned on sleeping in today, but at 9, my body was fully awake, so I got up! I started my laundry, and chatted with mom for a bit. After my laundry was done I made up my bed, showered, and watched a little Grey’s. I went to costuming to exchange my costumes for the next few days and ran by target. When I got home I watched a little more TV. Allie came home and we chatted before she took a nap. We’re celebrating Allie’s birthday later this week, so I wanted to look for a new outfit. I went to American Eagle to look around. I didn’t find anything I just loved, so I didn’t end up with anything. When I got home, there was a party going on in my bedroom. One of Shannon’s coworkers is moving in, so she was bringing her stuff by. She seems really cool! Work starts pretty early tomorrow, so I’m heading to bed! That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!

Fact: In Asian countries, the Malayan Flying Fox is considered a pest, because they’ll eat whatever fruits and vegetables are readily available.

xo, B